If You Are Experiencing a Medical Emergency, stop and dial 911.

Today’s Healthcare System can be difficult and overwhelming for patients, families, and providers. Professional collaboration helps to ease common feelings such as fear, anxiety, confusion, frustration, and anger.

Dr. G. works in partnership with individuals, caregivers, and providers to support and promote the patient’s health-related goals. Working together positively impacts patients’ health, safety, and overall well-being.

Dr. G. does not take the place of your Primary provider or specialist but assists patients or families in getting the most out of the current healthcare system.

Client Testimony:  The amount of time a doctor can spend with a patient on any appointment is shorter and shorter, and it has been a huge help to get information for my appointments to make them more efficient.  I have had many questions that I asked Dr. Georgianne about symptoms…which were significant; which ones needed attention; what to do for the problems they caused; how I could best take care of medication issues; what things I needed to be certain to discuss with the doctor.. all these and more.  Having her unhurried, clear answers gives me a sense of having a more informed input into my care.  Instead of being a patient waiting for the doctor to tell me what to do, I am taking responsibility for my health.  If the doctor recommends a particular medication, I am much more comfortable asking about possible side effects, benefits, and costs.  If a test or consultation is suggested, I am more comfortable getting all the reasons for it, and what is expected to be learned from that.  When I understand the reasons and probable benefits of a medicine or test, I am far more likely to be compliant with any treatment that would follow.  

Need help with:

  • Navigating a hospital stay: Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe
    • Being a successful patient: How to help your doctors help you.
    • Respite Care: Caregivers need care too.
    • Stay Alert: Knowing the medicine, you take and why.
    • Your Aging Parents: what they really need.
    • Billing problems: What to do when insurance declines a visit, procedure, or lab.

Consult Dr. G.:

  • Collaboration of care: Assist with the translation of medical terminology into layman’s terms. Help patients work alongside their medical providers (assist in communication when needed).
  • Medication Review: Assist in reviewing all prescription drugs, Over-the-counter medications, supplements, vitamins, specialty foods, and essential oils.
  • Lab Review: discuss lab values both current and desired levels, indication for labs, what foods/medications affect lab values
  • Disease Prevention and Maintenance: provide current research, individualized plan of care, recommendations, and referrals to other holistic/medical/alternative practitioners as needed.
  • Planning and paperwork for Advanced Directives and End of Life Care. Recommend or refer for legal assistance as needed.

If you have questions or concerns not mentioned, simply email Dr. G. at before booking a consult.

Booking a Time:

If You Are Experiencing a Medical Emergency, stop and dial 911, do not continue to schedule.

Quick Consult 15 minutes  
Phone call
General Consult 30 minutes
Phone call or Video
Complex Consult 45 minutes -1 hour
Video Call
Answer simple lab/medication questions, explain recent findings etc.Discuss in-depth lab work, Medications, symptoms, etc.Answer simple lab/medication questions, explain recent findings, etc.
$25 per session$50 per session$75 per hour

Consultations are charged at the time of booking.  Fees are non-refundable but may be rescheduled by the client up to two times.

Consults are Monday through Friday all time based on Eastern Standard Time. 

Consultations considered urgent (less than 24 hours ‘ notice) or on Saturdays will charged at the complex consult rate of $75 per hour. 

No consultations on Sundays.

If You Are Experiencing a Medical Emergency, stop and dial 911.

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