Healing People in a Broken World

We all pay for our health, by either spending money now preventing disease or spending it later treating disease.

Meet Dr. G.

Georgianne Summer, like you, wears many hats. She is a daughter of the King, an earthly daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, nurse practitioner, and graduate professor. She has over 20 years of nursing experience, with seventeen years at the bedside and five years in advanced nursing education.  

Georgianne obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Emory University and her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Augusta University. As a nursing professional, her work has been published in The Nurse Practitioner Journal, and the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository.  

Georgianne’s goal is to serve others with compassion and deliver holistic care. To restore patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits by addressing illness from both a spiritual and physical standpoint. She says, “Since God is our Creator, our Healer, and our Constant Help, here at Dr. G. Knows, we pray first and develop a plan second.”  

Georgianne’s hobbies include traveling, learning, and writing. She feels that one of the gifts God gave her, was being able to take complex subjects and break them down into everyday terms by creating verbal pictures or relating them to familiar items. She uses this skill in her practice to help patients and families understand diseases, treatments, and procedures more thoroughly.  Furthermore, Georgianne uses this talent in ministry when sharing Kingdom Truths through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which she shares in her latest work, The God Who Heals: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.